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new stories, old stories, re-storying.
18th-Feb-2005 06:54 pm - Essays: Wound Care
onion girl
This is what my mother taught me about wound care: to give it time, to let it alone, and keep it safe.

Ever the educator, she taught me about Duoderm and Tegaderm, about debriding and contraction, Skinprep and alginates. She taught me how to care for her pressure sores, bedsores. I learned new ways to cut bandages, how to apply antimicrobial medicines, when to clean the wound and when to leave it alone.
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14th-Dec-2003 07:52 pm - Essays: Saddam and Me
onion girl
Saddam and Me

Saddam Hussein became president of Iraq less than a year after I was born. He invaded Iran when I was two years old and a ceasefire was declared when I was almost 10 years old, after almost 300,000 Iraqis were killed. I wasn't allowed to watch Star Trek TNG that month because...I can't quite remember. I was being a horrendous brat, and my parents took away my one television obsession as a last resort. I was aware of Saddam's ceasefire because politics and affairs of state were discussed daily at our dinner table, but it took second place to missing Star Trek and not being allowed to go to the library until I cleaned my room.
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8th-Mar-2002 10:37 pm - Poems: When the Movie Ends
onion girl
When the Movie Ends

When the movie ends
all the people walk out,
and walk back into their lives.

and it's so easy
and so simple
when it's on the screen,
and the music will tell you what to do,
and the prince will come to save you,
and it only takes two hours,
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onion girl
This is based on the Shadowlands concept developed by Alicia McKenzie.
Thanks to Tapestry, Lyssie, Beverly, Disa, Alicia, Kielle, Drea, and Daniel for betareading, encouragement, and de-panicking.
Fandom: X-Men Comics (Shadowlands Fanon Universe), Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Main Characters: Jubilation Lee, Tara Maclay, Kate Pryde
Rating: PG-13 (language)

Click here for HTML version archived at comicfic.net.

The Rising of the Sun

"O, the rising of the sun / and the running of the deer."
--The Holly and the Ivy, traditional English carol

"You need to believe in things that aren't true. How else can they become?"
--Terry Pratchet, Hogfather

It got cold that winter in time for Christmas.

Well, in the sense that we had just shifted to a winter climate, and according to the calendar I started keeping that year, it was Christmas.

It could've been the middle of summer. I had started keeping a calendar 6 months earlier, randomly declaring it to be the 4th of July because I wanted a reason to celebrate and because we were in a shift that felt like the middle of summer.
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23rd-Aug-2001 11:05 pm - Poems: Beautiful
onion girl

I had a dream today
I realized I was beautiful.
Not gorgeous, not really sexy, but beautiful.
Strong and whole and unbroken,

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onion girl
This is set in the Mooks universe created by Kaylee
Thanks to Kael for betareading and nitpicking lines so wonderfully.
Fandom: X-Men Comics (Mooks Fanon Universe)
Main Characters: Jubilee and Bobby
Rating: G

Click here for the HTML version archived at comicfic.net.

Some Kinda Questions


"So, what?"

"So is he or isn't he?"

"Jubes, what are you talking about?"

"Remy, you moron!"
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31st-Jan-2001 10:24 pm - Fanfiction: Dragons (Batman Comics)
onion girl
This is based in the Dracoverse universe developed by Kaylee.
Fandom: Batman Comics (Dracoverse Fanon Universe)
Main Characters: Original Male Character, Draco (Jason Todd)
Rating: PG


“Grown-ups never understand anything by themselves, and it is tiresome for children to be always and forever explaining things to them.”
–The Little Prince, Antoine de Saint Exupery

Adults just don't get it.

Sometimes I think they just don’t see. Something is right in front of them, plain as day, and they just don’t get it. The things any normal person could see, the adults just don’t.

But I believe.
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onion girl
This is based on the Shadowlands concept developed by Alicia McKenzie.
Thanks to Ali for betareading and letting me play in her universe. And thanks to all those long-ago residents of #kjcorner for inspiration and support.
Fandom: X-Men Comics (Shadowlands Fanon Universe)
Main Characters: Noted at end of story.
Rating: PG

Click here for HTML version archived at comicfic.net

Finding North

Days now. Days he spends staring at that staff, drowning in the fine wooden grains. I don't know what he intends with it, or if he intends anything at all.

Perhaps he is simply mad, like so many others.

I suppose I shall have to leave him then. The last one I traveled with went mad...

It did not end well. But this one seems to be sane enough, for companionship, at least. His powers make it useful to find food, and he's a gentle lover, no matter that he calls out another's name in bed.

For that matter, I suppose I do as well. Sometimes.
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7th-Feb-2000 09:55 pm - Fanfiction: Rain (Batman Comics)
onion girl
This is based in the Dracoverse universe developed by Kaylee.
Thanks to Pebblin for betareading.
Fandom: Batman Comics (Dracoverse Fanon Universe)
Main Characters: Batman, Draco (Jason Todd)
Rating: PG-13 (explicit language)


The rain fell without malice on both of the dark figures. It equally ladled the two with heavy drops of slightly acidic water. The rain saw little difference between them. Both broken and scarred. Both healed. But unlike the supple willow, neither had bent and sprung back straight. Their roots were ravaged. They stood strong, whole...but twisted.
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4th-Dec-1999 10:15 pm - Fanfiction: Wind (Batman Comics)
onion girl
Thanks to Alicia for betareading, and Kaylee for badgering me into writing Batman...since I then became hooked on the comics themselves. :)
Fandom: Batman Comics
Main Characters: Batman, Alfred
Rating: G


The wind was alive.

It roared through the dark streets, proclaiming its power with every gust. Girders of building creaked, trees danced, waving their branches. It sung through the alleys and cracks in walls, whistling cheerfully.

The wind laughed, finding a new toy. It teased and tugged at the dark cape, swirling in and around the folds.
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